CSS SVG animation

Use a single SVG image file to apply different animations, to move only parts of the image

PHP Shortcode list categories and/or tags

Works in combination with the ‘Code Snippets’ plugin. Add the code as a HTML content snippet, select ‘Evaluate PHP code’ and use the generated shortcode in a template or page.

Elementor dynamic add class from ACF field

Set a dynamic class to a section/widget from an ACF field value. If value is empty, no class is added. Very handy with checkbox to use for conditional CSS with (custom) posts.

PHP add body classes

Use php to add body classes based on any condition to use for hooking into for CSS styling

CSS Marquee

Simpler than a JS Marquee. Despite a duration based glitch often this solution will serve the goal perfectly.

JS Marquee

No plugin, a very smooth and simple JS Marquee