HTML CSS Open on hover button

Do Something? Bericht Set HTML widget to dislay inline or fixed width and add ID “expandbutton” Do Something? #expandbutton .expand-flex-button {display: flex;background-color:#D55059;border-radius:6px 0px 0px 6px;padding:6px 0px;} #expandbutton .expand-flex-button * {display:inline-block;color:white;font-weight:600;font-size:16px;} #expandbutton .button-icon {padding:0px 12px;transition:transform 400ms;} #expandbutton .button-link {padding-left:12px;} #expandbutton.opened .button-icon {transform:rotate(-180deg);} jQuery(function($){ // AANMELDEN KNOP if ($(window).width() 1024) { $(‘#expandbutton’).hover(function(){ $(this).toggleClass(‘opened’); $(‘#expandbutton .button-link’).fadeToggle(); }); } […]

Elementor dynamic add class from ACF field

Set a dynamic class to a section/widget from an ACF field value. If value is empty, no class is added. Very handy with checkbox to use for conditional CSS with (custom) posts.